The demands of everyday living and the impact of major life changes can leave us with little time to reflect and to ask important questions, such as:

What should I be doing with my life?

How can I realise my potential?

How can I best express myself in my personal and professional relationships?

Where do I belong?

How can I make sense of my anger, pain, grief?

Psychotherapy is about the care of the soul. It is a way of reflecting which enables you to look closely into your life experiences and to gain insight into the thoughts and feelings that govern your behaviour: your relationship with others and your relationship with yourself.

My task is to support you as you learn to explore aspects of yourself which may have been hidden or obscured for many years. There is an interior life in each of us, waiting to be recognised and lived. This is the life that is awoken by psychotherapy.


‘I spent around three-and-a-half years on weekly visits with Tessa.
I consider it as one of the most valuable and truthful things I have ever done and it has helped me feel safe and strong in myself even in the most difficult of times. Without a doubt you cannot get this kind of deep true learning about yourself, your situations, your shame and how you react to things from friends or family alone, no matter how much they want to help or understand. This is something else, a commitment to yourself to be ok and I would recommend it wholeheartedly’

— Kate, musician