Creative Mentoring

I offer creative mentoring to individuals who work in the arts, and to people whose professional lives make so many demands on them that they have lost touch with their creativity and want to find a way of retrieving and making time for it.

Creative mentoring can be particularly helpful if you want to revitalise this area of your life. It can also be a valuable way for young adults to work out what their strengths are and how to find a way to give expression to their creativity in their choice of career.


‘As an undergraduate, I had to prioritise my studies. Without realising what I was doing, I let go of the activities that I had most enjoyed when I was younger: especially writing and engaging with the contemporary art scene. I reached a point where the stress was so great that I almost gave up on my training. My work with Tessa helped me to manage my anxiety and to realise that I could use my creativity in ways I had not previously appreciated’

— Robin, medical student